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Are you suffering from persistent anxiety, panic attacks, fear of driving, fear of public places, and/or chronic stress? Do you have trouble concentrating, sleeping, focusing, and accomplishing goals? You are definitely not alone. CNN reported recently that "Stress and anxiety are among the most pressing and far-reaching public health problems we face," according to Tracy Dennis, professor of psychology at Hunter College.
Did you find that medication and traditional therapy, even new age methods were not helpful? There is a reason why. Learn how you can ditch your anxiety and panic attacks for good.
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Mind, Body, and Soul Harmony
First, since your mind is the dashboard, which controls everything else, you must prepare for change by getting your mind ready. Without a 
firm and conscious commitment,
stemming from your mind, no change can happen.
Next, in order to make a positive
changes in your life, you need to pay close 
attention to your physical 
state and needs and your overall sense of well-being. There are steps you can 
follow to improve how you 
take care of your body, be it relaxation, nutrition or movement.
Last but not least, in order to be in the right state of mind ready for change, you must have your soul at peace. You need a spirit of hope, joy, and fulfillment to dominate your daily existence.
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