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Launched in 2010, initially helped individuals reinvent themselves via career coaching. Since then, it has evolved to help individuals and organizations manage the effects of stress and anxiety and achieve personal fitness, career, relationship and organizational goals, using mindfulness meditation and professional coaching, including innovative workshops, coaching programs, instructional videos, publications, and keynote and motivational speaking. 

Research shows that by and large the success of many organizations is closely connected to the treatment of and well-being of its workforce, which is comprised of individuals whose dreams, goals, health, and future matter. learn more

OUR MISSION's mission is to help individuals and organizations manage the effects of stress at home and in the workplace, using mindfulness, to facilitate achievement of personal fitness, academic, career, relationship, and organizational goals. 
OUR VISION's vision is to facilitate positive social change by helping individuals and organizations improve and prosper in today’s multifaceted, inter-connected, and fast-paced world.

Mirella B. Kaell, MS
Psychology Leadership Development & Coaching

Mirella specializes in one-on-one coaching both in-person and online. She is passionate about Health & Wellness and Life Coaching , Mindfulness Training and Personal Fitness Consulting . She offers group and one-on-one mindfulness meditation and personal fitness coaching both *in-person and online to help her clients get in better shape, sharpen their focus and attain goals as well as manage stress and anxiety, so prevalent in our world today. Most of all, she is a relentless motivator and believes in the power of positive thinking and seeing challenges as opportunities to learn, achieve, and accomplish more in life.

(*Limited appointments available in SF Bay Area only. Learn more...)

She is the author of The Costly Effect of Voluntary Turnover on Organizations: A Look At How It Can Be Prevented and Minimized. 

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